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Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it.

Robert Motherwell



Working with flowers is an artform in itself and we all started because of the want to create something beautiful. An inherent sense of creativity looms in all of us, and we strive to cultivate that feeling whenever possible. There are several of us in the shop that express our artisitc side in other ways... All of the pictures here are original artwork and available for purchase. Commission works are also available, please just call and ask for the artist.


Here is some additional information about the artists:


Jeremiah Wise

     Jeremiah enjoys looking for inspiration wherever he goes... traveling, visiting museums or in day to day activities. Picasso is a favorite artist, so much so, Jeremiah has a puppy named Picasso! He finds enjoyment in the free expression of art and the quiet solace of his studio. His abstract, impressionistic paintings often feature vibrant colors, rich texture and motion.


All images are copyrighted and property of the artist. Please do not copy images. Thank you.



Shannon Mulnix

     Shannon is inspired by nature and being in the shop provides endless possibilities for her work. She loves to paint realistic florals and plants , but maybe close up or with an alternate angle. She is also a mother of two boys and with that came the opportunity to do large scale murals. Children's rooms quickly became a specialty and since she has run out of room at her own home, she would love to give you a free consultation to create a wonderful dream room of your own.



Please do not hesitate to contact the shop at 602-222-9480 and ask to speak to Jeremiah or Shannon if you have any questions about the work you see on here or possible commission work.